James Birtch

James wrote the content for the BEC website. He is a Geographer with careers in several fields – social work, program development and sustainability. James wrote Parks Canada’s first Sustainable Development Strategy and created the BEC model.

Titi Huynh

Titi edited all content on the BEC website. She is a student of Social Psychology, with a focus on environmental issues, at McMaster University in Hamilton. Titi is Coordinator of the university’s Sustainability Library and has led many events, on and off campus.

Regina Zaripova

Regina designed the BEC website. She is a professional web developer, who is skilled in the visual aspects of design, and resolution of website issues. Regina has a Master’s degree in Policy and Economics of Energy and the Environment.

Artur Aronov

Arthur is a web strategy consultant and a developer with a focus on back-end and communication systems.

Emad Abdel Bary

Emad has over 25 years of experience in software development and management, including database and web development. He is also the volunteer webmaster for the Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City organization. Emad has been helping and advising the team through the development of this BEC website.