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Manuals and Handbooks

The manuals and handbooks provided by Biosphere Eco-Cities Canada (BECC) go over the steps and processes to start up BEC initiatives. If you would like to request access to any of the handbooks and manuals, please fill out the form below.

  • Used to profile sustainability projects in your city or town
  • Allows people to read about ongoing and completed sustainability projects within the community
  • An introduction for people wanting to learn more about sustainability
  • Locations selected for the tour align with BECC’s 10 Themes of Sustainability
  • People can engage in and learn about sustainability within their community
  • Creating a CSP allows for community members to get involved in brainstorming ideas and implementing change to make their community more sustainable
  • A CSP helps develops a culture of sustainability
  • Creating an SSP allows for students to demonstrate leadership and get involved in sustainability
  • Sustainability projects for the school and for individuals will be created
  • A Climate Action Plan will help your organization gather ideas from individuals on how to act on climate change
  • Can be used by a governmental department, school, business, community group or any other type of group
  • Tree Talks are informal gatherings of 10 – 15 people where the conversation focuses on different sustainability issues and solutions
  • It is meant to connect participants to environmental issues, encourage sustainable living, and inspire gratitude for the Earth
  • Used to educate the public on one of BECCs 10 Themes of Sustainability
  • Small discussion workshops to engage individuals in sustainability

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