International Networking

International use of the Biosphere Eco-City approach is welcomed.

Ottawa BEC has participated in international events since 2011. This included presentations on BEC at international conferences in Canada, France and the United Arab Emirates. Also, Ottawa BEC conducted three guided sustainability tours for international visitors in Ottawa. As well, it provided practicum experiences for PhD students from Malawi, Tanzanian and Ghana in 2018 and 2019.

PhD students from Malawi developed a Community Sustainability Plan in Ottawa, Canada

Cities in any country are free to apply BEC Themes and Tools, in the same manner as Canadian cities. They are encouraged to use the BEC website to do learn how. As well, they may request advice through the Contact button on the home page.

When these cities initiate any BEC activities, they may send their website information to show as a link on this website. That way, different cities will be able to share BEC ideas and information, so we all can achieve sustainability together.